0.6 - Duplicates management and fix edit mode

New small release (I should have started with 0.0.x, it would have made more sense but anyway...) for with the 0.6 release.

News :

  • [New feature] : Duplicates management based on url. If you try to save a mark with an url you already saved, then you switch to edit mode when you try to save it. (Previous duplicates are not managed so far)
  • [Bug fix] : On edit mode, title is no longer truncated when containing several words.

Next releases should focus on :

  • Bookmarklet implementation
  • Improve duplicates management so that you switch to edit mode, once you filled the url, and not once you save the mark
  • Tag management ?

You can grab it here ; feedbacks are welcome !

You can see a demo with my own marks.

Comments !